The style of Bak Mei that we train is called Bak Mei Jum Mo. Jum Mo is the name of Sifu's master, our Sigong.

Sigong trained in a temple in China, taught by his father; he began learning Bak Mei at a very young age of six. When China went communist, he and four other Bak Mei masters escaped China with Sifu's father, their childhood and life-long friend, and the six of them escaped to Vietnam.


When Sifu was seven years old, the five masters took him to be their student. They all taught him the aspects of the art that they were individually best at. He trained six days a week, at a minimum of four hours a day. In this way, Sifu attained a very rare education in that he learned all the various styles and aspects of the art to a very high level of competence and proficiency.

The main temple that Sifu trained in was Bak Mei Fat Gong San. There, in the company of monks, he learned the fundamentals of life.

To illustrate Sifu's dedication and expertise, it should be mentioned that the Temple held approximately 1500 students, but only five were chosen to learn the secrets of Bak Mei. These individuals were chosen to be special students based on their high moral character. Sifu was one of the five chosen.

When South Vietnam fell to communism, Sifu and his brothers and sisters escaped and came to Canada, landing in Edmonton, Alberta after many trials and tribulations.

Sifu regularly returns to Vietnam to visit his fellow students at the Shaolin monastery where he grew up.

There are very few Kung Fu masters in Canada, and even fewer pure Bak Mei masters; Sifu is one of them. After dedicating over 30 years of his life to Bak Mei, Sifu now wishes to share this secret martial art with those who wish to challenge themselves mentally and physically.